It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that all possible steps are taken to avoid injury or damage to the inflatable. Please ensure that the following safety instructions are followed:

•  This unit has no age limit, however, as a general rule any person taller than the walls of the inflatable cannot bounce.

•  No food or drink to be consumed on the inflatable. (To avoid choking and mess).

•  All shoes, badges, jewellery, (i.e. large earrings, necklaces etc.) MUST be removed. It is recommended that spectacles are also removed.

•  No face-paints, party-poppers, coloured streamers or “silly string” must be used near or on the inflatable, as they can make a terrible mess and permanently stain the unit.

•  No smoking near the inflatable.

•  Climbing, hanging, or sitting on the walls is DANGEROUS and must not be allowed. Nobody must somersault AT ANY TIME on the Bouncy Castle. This is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Strictly NO ACROBATICS.

•  A responsible adult must supervise the INFLATABLE AT ALL TIMES.

•  Ensure that the inflatable is not overcrowded, and limit the numbers depending on the age and size of the people using it. If the people are colliding into each other then it is too crowded.

•  Try to avoid larger people and smaller people from using the inflatable at the same time.

•  Ensure that no-one with a history of back or neck problems are allowed on the inflatable. Do not allow any persons with medical conditions (e.g. brittle bone disease or temporary injuries) to use the inflatable as this may put them at risk of injury or further injury.

•  You must have first aid facilities on site.

•  Do not allow anyone to bounce on the step/front apron. The step is there to help users get on and off.

•  Do not allow users to be on the unit during inflation or deflation. If the inflatable is not being used for part of the day, please switch the blower off at the mains, this will reduce your electric bill!

•  Please keep the equipment clean as equipment returned in a dirty condition will be subject to a cleaning charge

•  Rain covers are for light showers only: Inflatables should not be used in heavy rain. Prevent the blower, cables and plugs from getting wet. THE BLOWER IS NOT TO BE COVERED WITH ANYTHING. However a garden table over the blower works well in very mild spits of rain.

•  The blower at the back has a safety reset button. In the event that it overheats, or loses power, switch the blower off at the mains, and then switch back on again 1 or 2 minutes later, and it should restart. If it does not, or there is a power cut, inform us IMMEDIATELY.

•  Please ensure the delivery driver has free and easy access to erect the castle onto a clean flat lawn. (Please be advised that if we arrive and there is insufficient space or the lawn is unsuitable (e.g. sloping or is unclean) full payment still has to be made.

•  SBCH reserve the right to cancel any bookings at any time- i.e. in really bad weather( if more than light shower we may cancel for safety reasons).

•  The driver is to be paid upon delivery of the unit.

•  Extreme caution is to be taken with extension cables (which are to be taped down and un-taped at the end of the hire, by the hirer) and electric blower.

•  Only our delivery driver is authorised to collect the Inflatable and under no circumstances should any of the equipment be handed over to anyone other than our delivery driver.

•  All units are checked on delivery and your signing below indicates acceptance of the castle as being in good, clean condition.

•  If you are unsure about anything, please contact us.


Please note that all persons using this inflatable do so at their own risk.

The person/organization hiring the equipment will be responsible/liable for any damage or injury occurring from or as a result of misuse or reckless use.

These guidelines are for the safety of all people using this equipment, and it is the sole responsibility of the hirer to ensure they are adhered to. Our company cannot accept any responsibility for any injury caused to anyone using this equipment. Surrey Bouncy Castle Hire also provides a list of equipment which the hirer may use for the purposes it is intended for. Upon pick-up the equipment will be checked off against the list and any missing or damaged items through misuse will be subject to charge.

Please sign here to confirm that you have read and accepted the above conditions.


Full Name........................................................


I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the above terms and conditions and agree to hire equipment from Surrey Bouncy Castle Hire subject to those terms and conditions.

By signing I agree that I am entering into a contract confirming that I am responsible for any loss, damage or injury, and that I abide by the above conditions, and understand that this contract specifies that no-one over the age of 14 will use the unit.

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